Dan & Monstro

Delicious nutritious homemade sauces especially made for you and all your family

Inspired by her young son Ben who decided at the age of three he wasn’t going to eat any vegetables, along with a passion for cooking healthy, nutritious,quick & easy meals, Mari created these range of vegetable packed sauces delicious for any family meal.

Our Products

A great way to get your five a day, our sauces are packed with a selection of fresh blended herbs and vegetables. There is no added salt, no preservatives,no msg or hidden nasties. Gluten free, suitable for vegetarians/ vegans , those following a low Calorie or low fat diet or if your like me & you just want to cook tasty, healthy ,quick and easy meals


Fat Free

Our sauces are packed full of fresh vegetables which are naturally low in fat / fat free

No Added Salt

Low in sugar and there is no Added Salt. That gives you the option to add your own amount of salt to season or sugar to sweeten

Source of Proteins

Protein is the nutrient which helps us grow. It is used to make new cells in our body and keeps us healthy

Gluten Free

All my sauces are gluten free

About Us

Dan & Monstro is an exciting, new, award winning, Irish brand, created by me – Mari, in 2014.

My young son Ben was the inspiration behind my business, he became a fussy eater and refused to eat his vegetables.
> I found myself searching the supermarkets for healthy, convenient sauces that Ben and all the family would like however I found most of the sauces I came across had high salt & sugar levels, preservatives, msg and other hidden nasties.

Our Awards

Some of the wonderful awards our delicious and nutritious sauces have received in Ireland throughout the years